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Mission Statement
The ALL THE CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN (ATCACís) mission is to empower the lives of families living on the Caribbean Island of Haiti, thus reversing community, cultural, and economic deterioration. ATCAC seeks to educate, feed, clothe, and provide medical assistance to those in need, while developing working skills for young adults to become self-sufficient and contributive members of society.

All the Children Are Children seeks to empower Haitians with the tools and opportunities necessary to create healthier, safer, and more prosperous lives. It has the following are goals we would like to achieve in support of our mission:

Education:- Increase Education-provide literacy and academic education.

The ATCAC Academic Program will be held in the villagesí existing school building and will provide these disadvantaged youth with , work-skills training, social skills training, and health education. These courses will be taught by professionals, who hold Masterís Degrees, through a set curriculum. Classes will be held all year long, from Monday through Friday. The goal of this academic program is for participants to learn the skills necessary to take control of their own lives and provide them with the opportunity to further their education and professions.

The following courses will be offered at ATCAC sites.
      * Art   * Tailoring   * Mechanic   * Carpenter   * Masonry   * Technology   * Dental  
                                * Nursing   * Electricity   * Electronic Tech   * Music

Health Training-provide general health trained not limited to: HIV/AIDS education and prevention, STD prevention.  Womenís Group-implement weekly gatherings of the local women for support and empowerment.  Haitian Families for Peace-a grassroots organization that will be lead by Haitian women.

In order to reach our ultimate goals we have set the following measurable objectives:

. Increase the number of children attended by 15 percent.

. increase the number of women taking training courses by 10 percent.

. Increase the attendance of community members at health training courses by 15 percent.

. Begin a womenís group with at least 25 local women participating in weekly meeting and activities.

. Increase the membership in the Haitian Family for Peace by 20 percent.



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